OCS 2007 Powerpack

OCS 2007 Powerpack on lisätyökalu OCS 2007-infran hallitsemiseen Powershell-skriptien avulla:

– View and Provision OCS settings on users
– View all AD details for OCS users
– Use canned filters to quickly view which users are enabled or disabled for key OCS functionality.
– Enable/Disable key OCS functionality (e.g. Public IM)
– Remotely View key Edge settings (from an OCS Administrative Tool or Front-End computer), including:
– Internal and External Edge server settings
– Federated Partners and Federated Public IM Network Settings
– Easily access and view all OCS Global Settings in one location, including Pools, Enterprise Voice and Meeting Settings and Policies, Location Profiles, Normalization Rules, Archive and CDR, and Federation.
– On any local OCS machine:
– View and Control OCS Services
– View OCS specific Event Log Errors and Warnings
– Provision Address Book settings that not available in the OCS Administrative console

Lataa powerpack: http://powergui.org/entry.jspa?externalID=1926&categoryID=21

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