Top 10 SQL 2008-ominaisuutta SharePoint-ympäristöissä

Joel Oleson on julkaissut näppärän listan top 10 ominaisuuksista SQL Server 2008 + SharePoint-ympäristöistä:

  • Backup compression (25-35% at least) – huge cost savings and hey it’s native!
  • Transparent Encryption – transparently encrypt the data without the application needing to be aware or know about it.
  • Database Mirroring Enhancements – compressed tlogs, more automatic failover options
  • Policy Based Administration – manage policies across databases and even across instances and servers
  • Cluster enhancements – easier to configure and more scenarios that it supports including many in WS08 that provide more intelligence for failover
  • Resource Governor – limit wild database resources or control one database resources from another!
  • Easier to deploy – Easier to install, easier to configure, on and on
  • Reporting Services in SharePoint Mode (report builder rocks!) – easy reporting solutions built to leverage SharePoint mode with more flexibility and with ease.
  • Data compression – smaller databases with the same amount of data (compression will vary, but watch the overhead on enterprise environments or heavy used environments)
  • Powershell integration – super extensible and super scriptable


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