MOSS 2007 Post-SP1 Hotfix-korjauspaketti

Microsoft on julkaissut MOSS 2007 SP1-korjauspaketin, joka sisältää uusimmat hotfiksit joita ei sisällytetty SP1-korjauspakettiin. KB-artikkelin numero on 941274.

Korjauspaketti sisältää seuraavat korjaukset:

Muut korjauspaketin mukana tulevat parannukset:

  • You receive an HTML rendering error message when you search for folders or for files if a folder name contains a period as the last character of the folder name
  • DACL information is not processed during an incremental crawl
  • Error message when you try to refine the search results in a SharePoint Server 2007 site collection: ”No results matching”
  • The first user who visits his or her ”My Site” Web site after IIS has been reset sets the path that all users will use
  • Error message when you search for a single word during a BDC search in a SharePoint Server 2007 production farm: ”No results matching your search were found”
  • You receive an error message when you type the appropriate language text for ”Yes” or for ”No” in a KPI in a Web site that was created in a language other than English
  • A URL is saved as an HTTP link instead of as an HTTPS link if a reverse proxy server is used
  • Changes in a user’s Active Directory account are not saved in the user’s custom profile
  • Error message when you try to view the result properties of a KPI: ”Incorrect function”
  • A full crawl to crawl .pdf files may stop unexpectedly when an .ocn file is embedded in a .pdf file
  • Cookies that should be retrieved and saved are not found in Forms-Based Authentication content
  • A contact’s name is not resolved after you add a keyword to the contact if the contact’s Active Directory display name contains a comma
  • Error message when you try to edit the keywords for a SharePoint Server 2007 site collection: ”Access denied”
  • Error message when you try to discard changes to a published Web page in a SharePoint Server 2007 site collection: ”Cannot find server or DNS error”
  • Error message when you try to create a hierarchy for a SharePoint Server 2007 site collection: ”Out of memory”
  • Memory usage for the OSearch process increases every time that a crawl is run
  • It takes longer than expected to open an item or to save changes to an item in a custom list

Korjauspaketti ei ole yleisessä jakelussa, ja se tulee erikseen hakea Microsoftin hotfix-palvelusta:

Lue KB-artikkeli:

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